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What is beard oil, and why do I need it?

Beard products to save your lifeOne of the most common questions we see on social media is what is beard oil, and why do I need it?  The question is always then followed up by a ton of product questions, but we figured it was time to knock this one out of the park so that everyone was finally on the same page.

Beard oil, as a liquid and not to be confused with beard balm, is essentially a leave in conditioner.  Not only is it helpful, but it’s flat out NECESSARY for a healthy beard.  Any beard grown needs beard products, and the first place to start is BEARD OIL

Why is it necessary? Because your beard is thirsty!  And if that beard of yours doesn’t get the oil it needs, it will continually suck the oil out of your skin, resulting in a dry, itchy beard/face.  And everyone hates the itchy beard stage right? Well this is like liquid gold for your beard!

So how does this all work specifically?  In order to stay healthy and strong, your beard requires oils that are naturally produced by your body.  The longer your beard gets, the more it needs and unfortunately, without using conditioning products, you won’t be able to adequately keep up.  Most beard products boast one or two oils, referred to as carrier oils, which serve the primary function of keeping your beard healthy and strong.  They then mix in some fragrances to keep your beard smelling good, just like any other bath or body products.  The best oil complexes out there will have more than just one or two carrier oils, because SURPRISE, different oils have different benefits!

The most common carrier oil in beard products is Jojoba, which naturally mimics the oils your face produces for your beard.  It’s great, and an all around winner for functionality, but why stop at the basics?  Commonly you’ll find some finer products that also include heavy hitters like Hempseed Oil, Argan Oil, Coconut Oil, and various others.  Each of these have their own conditioning benefits for your hair and skin (i.e. your beard), but are left out because they are generally more expensive, and result in a more complex product, which requires more work for the manufacturer.  Needless to say, we recommend opting for a more diverse blend of carrier oils in your beard oil (like ours, here).

Catch Hell Beard Oil by DraebelFor the health of your beard, regular maintenance, trimming, grooming, and product are what keeps it growing and strong.  Without these steps, your beard will run the risk of going patchy, brittle, dry, unkempt/scraggly, and have tons of split ends.  Product helps you get the badass look instead of the caveman look.  If you aren’t going to take care of your beard, than why keep it all, am I right?  Either way you look at it, this is necessary to grow out a badass manly mane.  As far as a shameless product plug, we’ve researched MANY competitors, even before selling our first bottle, and our beard oils contain some of the most beneficial carrier oils you can find.  We challenge you to put it to the test.  When you go to review beard oils, check out their ingredients, and then see how ours stack up. 

With that plug, you’ve got all the info you need on beard oils at this point, and should be able to make an informed decision.  However, did you know that if you join our beard and ink club, the Rebel Army, you get at least 20% off all our products storewide, including beard oil?  Get to it, join here, and get our products in your beard, you’ll thanks us later.

Beard on brothers!


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