We're awesome, and this is our story.

My name is Jesse Ives, and I proudly founded Draebel, Inc. It all started with an idea for making something better for myself and beardsmen around the world, toward the end of 2014. It’s been a wild ride so far as this was the first time I ever started a company. But ever since it was started, the company has developed into something amazing I never could have imagined.

Everything we make is top of the line, and is made to nourish and replenish that body of yours, even with how rough you might be on it. Got a beard? We'll call you broseph, broheem, brofessor and brotato chip, all day long because we are modern beardsmen ourselves. We make the best $#@%ing beard products that you will find anywhere, period. They are all designed to make that face rug of yours comb-able, soft, thick, shiny, and smelling better than your favorite cologne.  We don’t sacrifice quality for undercutting competitors in pricing, and you wouldn’t go to your nearest fast food restaurant expecting a prepared ribeye steak.  Don't sacrifice quality for quantity, those options offering rock bottom prices typically use cheap ingredients, and limited fragrance compositions. That means that your beard isn't getting the treatment it needs, and might end up smelling weak.

Don't be weak, go with us. Our products use a heavily researched and specifically formulated combination of essential oils that are essential (of course) to making your beard awesome. All of our fragrance blends are designed to last hours, and to move from one scent to the next as the day wears on, giving you a dynamic and epic scent to impress any one brave enough to approach your badass bro-beard. 

You damned well should be, because we use this blend of essential oils in almost all our other products as well. It's great for your skin, and epic for your hair. Check out our wholesoap, which is good for your beard, body, and the hairy mop on top of your head as well. Got smelly pits? We’ve gotcha covered there too, with a natural deodorant that won’t quit, and lasts longer than most commercial counterparts, without all the harmful ingredients.

So after starting out as a great idea, we’re no longer just a niche beard company.  We don’t just make amazing products for modern beardsmen, we make amazing products for everyone.  We don’t cater just to the bearded, nor do we think every bearded guy needs to be some gnarly outdoorsman cutting down trees.  We’re from the city, and think it’s ok if you are too.  We’re a style company, and that style is badass.

This is Draebel. We don’t take $!@# from anyone, and neither should you. Now go buy some amazing stuff, and get your swagger on like a true brofessional.


This is the bearded bro-thumb, one of our best employees at Draebel, Inc.  He has a better beard than you, and that's perfectly ok.

P.S. Swearing is $%&@ing healthy, and is a sign of honesty (just not search engine friendly), look it up.