• $ 12.00

(One .15oz/4.25g Stick)

(One .15oz/4.25g Stick)

(One .15oz/4.25g Stick)


What's better than our already best ever lip balm?  Getting to mix it up!  We normally sell our lip balms as three of a kind, but for those who have commitment issues, or just like to play the field, we offer the variety option where you can choose three DIFFERENT flavors.  BOOM!

As always, only too much can be said about our Lip Balm. When we first considered these as a product line, our first thought was, “How come there aren’t any good flavors in Lip Balms?” So, we decided to make our favorite flavors and it turns out, they’re everyone else’s favorites as well, while being the best product you can buy for those lips of yours!



Smooth on lips as needed.

Fractionated Coconut Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Castor Oil, Hempseed Oil, Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil, Beeswax, Candelilla Wax Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Lanolin, Flavor, Mixed Tocopherols.

Spot test for allergies, and of course, check the ingredients listed for said allergens.

Lip Balm Flavors

Brunch Rum Punch:
Remember that scene in every movie involving a dance that has a punch bowl where somebody spikes it? Well, our Brunch Rum Punch is like that, but better, because we twisted your favorite fruit punch flavor with a bit of sweet butter rum. So yes, fruity, citrus-y, and sweet butter rum. It’s the best blend for any season.

Top Flavors: Fruit Punch, Buttter Rum

This particular lip balm is a blend of your favorite flavors for toast, baking, a million other things, and it is simply perfect. It chocolatey and creamy, and instantly reminds you of desert topped with hazelnuts. Just a reminder, don’t eat our lip balm. Seriously, you have to resist, we can only warn you so much that they’re not edible.

Top Flavors: Chocolate and Hazelnut

Some of our flavors sound like they're just crazy, but trust us when we say that coconut and mint are the perfect blend of sweet and minty cool freshness that you never knew you were craving. It’s cool and works well in the summer time, and really any other time of the year.

Top Flavors: Coconut and Mint

Yes, you can haz pancakes. In fact, we made this Lip Balm to be just what your best memory of pancakes smothered in maple syrup is like, and then we put a cap and label on it, just for you. We want our lip balms to not only protect your chapped lips but to be a guilty pleasure.

Top Flavors: Maple $%&*ing Syrup

Pecan Pie:
We really decided to pull out all of the stops when it came to making our Lip Balm some of the most desirable flavors possible, and Pecan Pie is no different. This Lip Balm is pure bliss and will make you think you need to start counting calories because it is indeed that good, but your lips will thank you for the help, we promise.

Top Flavors: Vanilla, Pralines, Caramel

Pink Lemonade:
Nothing says pure summer joy like pink lemonade. Tart, but sweet, this flavor of lip balm has it all, and works for all seasons. It's one of our favorites, and will definitely be yours as well. Bring on the summer memories!

Top Flavors: Pink Lemonade, Strawberry

Our Pom-Berry Lip Balm is a sinfully happy little mix of blueberries and pomegranates. Two of the best fruit flavors around contrasting for sweet and tart flavors, why not combine them!? We do what we want! Why the hell isn't this being done everywhere?! It's amazing!

Top Flavors: Pomegranate, Blueberry

Toffee Coffee:
This one was made was for those with a sweet tooth indeed. We blended our favorite english toffee syrups with our dark roast coffee flavor oils to come up with a deliciously blended Lip Balm. It’s sweet, but makes you feel like a cozy Sunday where you don’t have a damned thing to do but just relax. Perfect for the average joe, night owls, and coffee lovers the world over.

Top Flavors: English Toffee, Dark Roast Coffee

White Russian:
We made sure to abide by all the rules when it came to blending this Lip Balm, and it is indeed the cultured mix you come to expect of coffee liqueur, rum, and a dash of cream. Seriously, dude, it is the drink flavored lip balm of champions, whether your sport is bowling or otherwise.

Top Flavors: Rum, Vanilla Cream, Dark Roast Coffee, Caramel