We are the fastest growing international beard and ink club in the world. We're online, and local, and kick ass in regard to anything beard and ink related. Are you a bad mother$%&*er? Want to be part of a group chocked full of bad mother$%&*ers? Join us for FREE with the form to the side, and read up on the info below.

Now, why the $%&* should you join the Rebel Army you ask? How about these reasons:

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  • Being a part of a group with the craziest mother$%&*ers you can find, isn't that enough alone?

And that's it, simple as can be! Seriously, we don't mess around.

Eclusive Merch? YES! That's just a peak, the rest can be found HERE.

Online, we're all about beards, ink, art, music, and kicking life in the ass in general. It's an online community group all about the memes, selfies, and every bit of crazy shit you can come up with. New to the group and not sure what to post about? These are the basics, but hey, freestyle and post whatever you want according to the group rules.

Memetastic Monday - #mememo everyones got meme’s and while we like to see them whenever/wherever, this is the day to lay it down. Hell, who doesn’t like a full convo made of nothing but meme’s? Pew Pew

Tat-Tuesday - #tattuesday We’ve got a full following of ink lovers and ink shops on Instagram. If you’ve got ink, we want to see it. It might even make it to a feature on all our accounts if you’ve got the chops to take a great shot.

Weird Beard Wednesday – #weirdbeardwednesday Think online Beard Competition. We’ve run this on Instagram and Twitter for a while. Post your best bearded shot, the more stylized the better. We might open the competition here too, but that will be posted later on.

Throwback Thursday – #throwbackthursday Got an old shot before you got addicted to ink or grew out that face rug? Post a side-by-side. Progress is inspiring and impressive.

Filter Friday - #filterfriday We all love to play with filters, whether for selfies, outdoors shots, or just art in general. Post your best filter shots.

Side-Beard Saturday - #sbs common enough, and a requested theme. Show your best side. Sick Art Saturday - #sas Let your artistic freak flag fly. Got something you made and want to especially show it off? Awesome. If it's truly lit up, we'll even throw it on the company IG page to get you some real praise.

Start-up Sunday - #Startupsun last but not least, this group is about change. Whether you’re a Captain looking to pitch products, a business owner looking to get advice, or just looking to collaborate on projects, this is the day to do it. Most people choose to relax on Sundays if they can, so it’s a good day to put stuff out there, and see what sticks. We all have expertise in one field or another, and this is where you can use your knowledge, or request someone else’s to make something awesome happen.

We come from all careers and backgrounds, and have each others six in any situation, good or bad, and do so as a family, embracing what makes each of us different while working together to face challenges that are bigger than any one of us alone.

Want to be a part of something that strong? Do you reject what the world tells you that you have to be and choose to go your own way? In other words, are you a Rebel in your own right? Good news, membership is completely free, and comes with a $%&* ton of perks. Locally, we've got sections of Rebels ready to tear it up, outside of just the online group. In addition to concerts, cookouts, events, tours, conventions, bar crawls, charity drives, and any other amazing thing our Captains can organize, local sections meet up and cut it up. We work through loyalty, family, and respect. That's how you rank up, and the lack thereof is how you lose rank as well. In other words, don't be a dick.

Speaking of local sections, if you're a member already and want to be a part of a local section, click HERE for more info.


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