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We design our fragrances through trial and error with a goal in mind every time. It takes a lot of work to find out what works best together, and what makes the best combination, to keep you smelling amazing. And if you haven’t noticed yet, that’s our whole business model, making every one smell amazing. And if you think about it, isn’t that a win-win for everyone? Looking to get more for your money? What are you waiting for? Get this cologne as part of a hygiene kit for instant discounts!

Undertow is our freshest and favorite scent, designed with the surf in mind. We have light wood and citrus notes to create our base and polish the whole thing off with a touch of floral notes and a dash of Rum. Learn to swim, this is a fragrance straight from the surf.


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Spray where you'd like as needed, just don't drown yourself in the awesomeness. Ingredients:
Specially Denatured Alcohol, Dypropylene Glycol, Fragrance, Water.

Spot test for allergies, and of course, check the ingredients listed for said allergens.