Want to get a sample grab bag for free? They're normally $5.00 a piece, but when you join the Rebel Army for free, you get a free sample grab bag!

Here's how to claim your free trial grab bag in 3 easy steps:

STEP ONE: Like our Facebook page and invite other beardo's and ink addicts to do so. It can be found HERE (the link opens in a new tab/window)

  • It's obviously free for everyone!
  • We have HUGE sales and constant giveaways on Facebook.
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  • It helps us grow! Help out a small business and feel great about it!

STEP TWO: Join the Rebel Army (our free beard and ink group on Facebook) by clicking HERE (the link opens in a new tab/window)

  • Again, also free!
  • We have exclusive flash sales and contests just for the group!
  • You get to meme and post it up with the best! Our Rebels are amazing!

STEP THREE: Sign up for our newsletter below and get the biggest perks of all! BOOM!

  • As with the other options, it's free baby!
  • This bad boy only comes once a month, so this is where you'll find our biggest sales!
  • *Special* contests for this option alone, like Rebel of the Month and giveaways, only for subscribers!

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And that's it! Easy as can be. After all that reading and work you've definitely earned your free grab bag.

Go HERE for your grab bag and use the code "FREEGB" at check out! You'll get one for FREE!! Want more? You can order more of them for $5 a piece!