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Confidence Through Change

ace in the sleeveEver noticed that some people seem to have all the confidence in the world?  Ever wondered what they’ve got hiding up their sleeve that makes them so cool?  The joke is, generally it’s nothing at all, but no one will ever let on that this is the case.  So where does this bravado come from, this seemingly all powerful secret that seems to open all the doors and get those with it, almost anything they want?

The secret to confidence is change within yourself.  Everyone in the world has things that they don’t like about themselves, through personal shortcomings or through the judgement of others, either way it puts a negative outlook on yourself, which affects almost everything you do.  Jeez, that sounds incredibly %&$*ing bleak doesn’t it?  Well, in most ways that’s true, and also how it feels for people that are depressed in one way or another.  This could be just a simple feeling of not wanting to start the day, up to and including the feeling of complete isolation, whether valid or not.  Seriously, a lack of confidence in yourself can quickly dive into depression and all the negative issues that come along with it.  If you recognize these signs within yourself, reach out.  Reach out to anyone that will listen, and then start to work on yourself.

Self-improvement is the ultimate personal goal, and how we create confidence within ourselves.  It is the most natural anti-depressant because it brings a sense of self-worth and achievement.  Now, I’m sure you’re wondering, why the %&*$ is this a topic for an article on a beard, bath, and style page, but that is actually a fairly simple question to answer.  Everything we create through our company is about self-importance and improvement.  We are not a soap company, we are not a simple fragrance company, and we are not here to peddle some weak shit for your beard.  We are here to blow your $%&*ing mind through a lifestyle in and of itself.  We are Draebel, and our Rebel Army is about taking pride in oneself and the inner focus it takes to create a personal life in which our products are needed.  Are we confident?  Am I, the president of this company, confident?  You bet your %&*$ing ass there’s confidence all around.  Why? Because we’ve worked incredibly hard to create a successful brand from scratch, with no hand outs, not charity, no cheating, cutting corners, outsourcing, or even the smallest lie to our customers.  We don’t put fad labels on our products, or constantly try to undercut competitors through gimmick marketing.  We simply create amazing products for the best $%*&ing customers in the world, and by doing so, by taking on that challenge and succeeding, we cultivated confidence across the board.  This is what I want you to do as well.

weight rackReally, it’s not that hard.  You don’t have to create a company, or gain some new talent, or become an artist over night to be confident.  The first thing you have to ask yourself, which is most basic, is what do YOU not like about YOURSELF.  Where do you think you need to improve in life?  Do you need to lose weight?  Gain weight?  Grow a beard (shameless plug)? Get the tattoo you’ve been wanting?  Get a new job?  Everyone’s got something that they want to change about themselves.  Now, ask yourself, and do your best to be honest in your answer, why do you want to change that issue you found with yourself?  For most people, it will eventually boil down to either improving how they feel around others, specifically the opposite sex, or, fixing something they’ve had issue with for a very long time.  You need to consider whether or not the thing you have a problem with about yourself is worth fixing in the first place, or instead if you need to work on accepting the problem, and incorporating it as a strength.  Accepting issues isn’t the point of this article, as we are focusing on change, so lets assume it’s something worth changing.  Next, is it something you CAN change? 

Most things that upset us are things we can change, but there are a few out there that we cannot.  You’ll never be able to effectively reverse aging, or to take back a missed opportunity in the past, or make your body do something it’s not physically capable of.  If these are your problems, don’t lose hope.  There’s always a way to move forward.  We can’t travel back in time, but we can always move forward through effort and discipline.

To create change, you need to address your personal problems head on.  You then need to be honest with yourself, and break this shit down. Make sure you are working with the core problem causing you issues, and work out an effective plan to change the situation.  We aren’t talking about goal setting here people.  Goals are for dreamers, not doers.  You need to create a PLAN.  A step by step listed process, detailing the steps and time needed to accomplish your goals.  Going back to school?  Exercising? Practicing a skill?  Attending events?  Write it all the &*%$ down, and turn it into a list of things to be done, and put a time frame on each one of them.

This isn’t an easy process, and you need to be certain that you are creating targets that are attainable, and within a realistic time frame.  You might have a long term goal of being at a certain point within 10 years, but again, this isn’t goal setting.  So take your goals, and break them down into tasks to create the change needed to correct the problems you see within yourself or your life.  Just making this initial decision to do so will feel like an accomplishment within itself. Creating change is essential to confidence, because it creates the self-worth that was previously lacking within that area of your life.  


confidence suit

So have you got your issues narrowed?  Are you being honest and accurate?  Created a list for correction and a plan of action?  Good.  Don’t wait, don’t over plan it.  Make simple steps to start you on this path today, right now, as soon as possible.  The longer you wait, the more it turns into a wish for another day, and the more you’ll be upset with yourself for %&*$ing it up.  We all know at this point that if we could go back in time, we would do things differently, or sooner, because life is full of lessons over time.  Think about what you would want to do differently if you could go back ten years, and now think about how much time you’ve wasted in not making those things happen all this time.  None of us are getting any younger, and ten years from now, do you really want to think back to this moment and realize you should have gotten your ass in gear at this point?

It’s not hard to do, just make the choice to change.  The rest is just follow through.


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