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We're Here, With Beards, and Very Weird


Original Draebel LogoThis is the first official blog post, and I'm super excited for what's to come for this little soap box of ours.  While we are a beard and style company, if you didn't know, we are extremely dedicated to causes around the world and at home.  That means there's a lot of passion that goes into our products, but even more that goes into our business and how we help others.

That being said, while there will be plenty of beard articles to come along through the Drabble Gabble, there are going to be a lot more that reach beyond that.  As the founder of this company, I made a pledge when I first started Draebel to use this company's success to challenge the problems facing us with all options at my disposal.  I really hope that everyone likes what is to come, and hope that you will join us in taking up the causes we address here and through company events.

And that's it! Short and sweet, this company is here to be awesome, and promote awesomeness everywhere we go.  Keep it tuned in here for articles, promotions, events, and announcements!


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