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Rebel Takeover - Who Are We?

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As a beard and style company, we see a ton of comradery amongst modern beardsmen.  You’ll see beard clubs locally everywhere that operate similar to motorcycle clubs, and fraternities.  Well, while this might be a fun thing to be a part of, we think that there’s more out there.  We  also believe that those groups are thinking too small.  Why be just a club, when you can be an ARMY, with a mission.  We are individuals angry at the world and looking for changes for the better, and hey, joining is absolutely 100% free.

We’ve been running our Instagram with the Draebel Rebel’s for a few months now, and one thing that’s evident, is that modern beardsmen are passionate.  A beard takes a lot of work, patience, and pride.  However, there’s more to life and Draebel embraces all of it.  We love our bearded brothers, but find that there are other passions worth pursuing as well.  Because of that, instead of creating just a regular beard club where guys get around in a huddle and compare their beards, we created the Rebel Army as a banner of commonality for both beards and ink.  This might be comprised of mostly beardsmen in bulk, but, we want to go beyond that small niche.  And oddly enough, beards and ink generally go hand in hand.  We live in strange times these days, where individuality is embraced, encouraged, and brings people together through common passions.

Rebel OriginalWe also found that beard clubs are missing a few things as well.  You have these groups of passionate people that aren’t putting that passion to an effect.  There’s no direction, and any charity work comes as it’s given without over all goals and direction.  And if beard clubs are generally missing one big thing, it’s a short guess for obvious reasons that it’s women.  And why the hell would we grow beards if it weren’t for getting the baddest women in the world.  So here’s the deal mother$%@&ers, the Rebel Army is now LIVE, and we want you!  It’s free to join, and we want every damned misfit there is.  Bearded, inked, men, women, all are welcome.  This is the fastest growing international beard and ink club, and we’re gathering you together to change the world.  As a side bonus, every member gets at least 20% off at Draebel, storewide.

And lastly, I don’t know about you, but I’m pissed about the world around me.  And wherever you are, reading this, I’m sure you’ll agree that too often, people are getting the shaft in life.  It’s an unfair world, and everyone takes an “everyone for themselves” attitude toward it, and that’s bullshit.  Plain and simple, the purpose of this Army is to create change by taking passionate people and getting amazing things accomplished.  Whether it’s people’s rights getting trampled, communities being run down, children not getting the education, food, or healthcare they need, or any other atrocity you can imagine, it takes actual awareness and cooperation to make a change for the better in these scenarios.  That is what the Rebel Army is about.  We rebel against life, society, and everything in between that tries to beat us down.  We are a family, and you are being asked to join us.  Be something bigger than yourself.  Work with us, for us, and for yourself.  Make a change for the better in life, and help us right the wrongs that we all see but normally can do nothing about.  We are highly organized, focused, and pissed off.  Join the Rebels here, and read up on structure and requirements.  It’s free to join, and the best life decision you’ll ever make.

Beard on brothers!


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