Add on a Wooden Beard Comb - 50% Off!

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The classic beard comb just got made better, and got a fat Rebel Army stamp of approval after a lot of testing from us.  This baby is light weight, convenient, and fits just about anywhere.  Just be careful, it's well polished/buffed, so it can easily slip out of your pocket if you're not thinking about it.  We find that it's pretty durable, being made from wood and all, but has its limits like anything else.  Will it do well in your pocket? Yes!  Stand up to a hammer?  Probably not.  As such, our combs have a slightly different warranty policy than our other products as they are meant to be your new best friend for a long time.  Click the warranty tab for info.  This beard comb is great, and we rank it as follows:

DURABILITY: Super Low | Low | Medium | High | Super High
DRAG/SNAG: Super Low | Low | Medium | High | Super High
SPECIAL: Fits almost anywhere, super lightweight


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Run this damned thing through your hair/beard, repeat.

* Warranty *

Our combs are covered for life, as long as you're not intentionally trying to break them of course.  We simply ask that you cover shipping if a replacement is granted.  We recommend not keeping any of them in your back pocket for obvious reasons.  We simply ask that you cover shipping if a replacement is granted.  For more details, or to inquire about a replacement, please contact us at

* Shipping *

Due to internal shipping and handling, and varying promotions we run on them, we do not discount the shipping on these combs.  That means that the domestic shipping on these combs is $4.99, and it increases according to higher shipping options.  To compensate, we discount the full price of the comb by $2.00.