Our Scents & Blends

These are our regular scents and blends, available in all of our care products, whether it be beard, bath, or body care.  Check'em out, grab one, and then collect the rest.



 Our Black Sails line was developed with only one thing in mind, VACATION. We naturally thought of course of the tropics, and wanted to light a fire inside you with each note we chose. To bring the vacation spot to you, we came up with the perfect blend of citrus notes to have a bit of bite and zesty freshness, along with hints of cream and coconut.



We create each of our scents with a story in mind, and our Catch Hell line is no different. We created this line as a rugged campsite aroma that smells so good it'll have the devil on your heels Jack! It embodies forest green scents and wood notes, along with our own blend of fragrances to give it that hint of campfire. It’s fresh, outdoorsy, and will leave you prepared for anything, even on a cold, cold night.



F-80's blend of spices and woods is zesty and smooth at the same time, and will have you wanting to sing ballads in the shower, and growing the manliest of staches. Working together, these scents create a story of opposing forces coming together to create one of our wildest blends with highlighted notes of clove and sandalwood. Don't stop now, break free with this blend and be the champion mama always said you were.




Smooth and sexy, warm and woodsy; Fettersvet smells like home, and was made with all happy thoughts to never surrender the mantra of never give up. It’s a strong mix of sandalwood and cedar blends, blended together with oakmoss for smoothness, and a dash of coffee and vanilla for that warm tingly feeling.



Cash in the swagger with Forty Five's blend of citrus and mint that is so good, you'll think it comes straight from the devil's right hand. This blend was designed to slap that yawn right out of your damned mouth and get you going for the day. You’re welcome.



Heads'll roll with K.O.'s one-two punch of spicy and sweet that finishes things off a slight burst of citrus. We’ve taken the time through trial and error to give a sweetness that is immediate and refreshing; the mentioned spices keep you going throughout the day.



Midnight Towers was made for all of our fellow night owls out there that are just getting revved up when the clock strikes twelve and the night city grows. It’s blended with coffee oil, that’s right – coffee, to keep you awake, but also vanilla, a hint of chocolate, and mint, to keep you going while watching the horizon glow.



Wild as a hurricane, dangerous as a twister, our Tempest line is a mean mix of exotic spices riding in on a white pony with expertly and painstakingly blended strong citrus notes and a slight dash of floral notes for smoothing out the rough edges. It’ll knock you to the ground and pick you up again and again, keeping you going all day long.


Woodchipper makes you want to be a badass. A big axe wielding, take no mercy, wood chopping lumberjack vinking-ish type of badass. We’ve come up with a veritable mix of the best wood scents including the classic sandalwoods and cedars, sparing no expense to bring this Woodchipper scent out of the lumber mill and right to you.