We are specifically dedicated to many causes for the benefit of the public and our community.  In many ways this comes through the simplicity of how we implement values through our own business, but in others it is more direct.  Specifically, if you didn't know, on an annual basis, we take 10% of our profits budgeted throughout the year, and then use them for donating to causes we believe in and and doing good for those in our community.

We feel that this is a necessity for being a leader in the world, and hope that all businesses can take from this example going forward.  While many companies out there sponsor events to buy goodwill, and then are in the news later in the year for some type of controversy that completely contradicts any sort of value, we started this business with the idea of giving back right from the very beginning, without expecting something in return.  This means that each purchase made with our company, also contributes directly to charitable and good causes.

We are socially and politically active in how we conduct our business, and strive to be a beacon of business morality and accountability, regardless of which end of the political spectrum this might land us in.  As we are a company that takes profit from selling our goods to the people, it is our responsibility to fight for and implement practices and beliefs that benefit all people.  This not only includes our employees and business partners, but also the public and those around us.

With all of this in mind, as the business is just beginning it's takeover of all things awesome, please stay tuned for later articles regarding how we are putting this mentality to good use and practice!