Our heroes: who are they, how did they earn that title? We all know who the heroes of yesterday are.  Nikola Tesla, Abraham Lincoln, Spiderman, Queen Elizabeth I, Nelson Mandela, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., That one guy, George Washington, The Doctor, Malcom X, they're all notable of incredible feats.  However, we feel as though it is our responsibility as a business in the USA to honor those heroes among us who are driving change, moving society toward a better future, or simply just extraordinary in doing the right thing.

We also think, of course, that you should have some say in this matter as well.  So how can we make this something worthwhile and interesting?  Free swag, that's how!  Each month, we'll review all submissions, no matter how long it might take, and the winner will get a $20.00 gift card to our store, to use on anything we offer, even with promotions, discounts, coupons, or other offers. BAM! What's in it for the nominee's however, you might ask?  MORE FREE SWAG!  At the each year, we have a social polling contest through the big media outlets, and the winner will get a $1,000.00 gift card to use in a leisurely shopping spree with our company as they choose. 

If your nominee is one of the twelve at this time, you can campaign for them, brag, give them a shoulder rub (or a simple handshake, don't be creepy), get them noted through local publication, the works!  Votes in the competition are the major deciding factor, but this doesn't have to be a fair competition.  Share your nominee's story as much as possible, tell whoever you like.  In the end, we will decide the winner, based on votes and other deciding factors of merit and such.  That being said, these are the following rules.

As we want to celebrate the heroes of today, the nominee's must:

  • Be alive!  No calling for Lincoln, as he doesn't have much use for our products.
  • Have a story that can be verified/researched, or be available for interview.  No faking this one!
  • Must qualify for something beyond the call of their normal duties.  (While we think that all of our heroes in service to this country are amazing, we can't name them for their service.  It's not fair to anyone, and, generally it's not something that's verifiable)
  • Must fall into the category of moral achievement.  This means that as a hero, they can't be known for saving a kitten after burning down an entire city.
  • Must actually be willing to be a hero in this contest.  You can't nominate someone who doesn't want to be noted or doesn't want to participate at all.  This isn't fair to them, so you might want to at least ask before doing so. 
  • Can literally be anyone else.  Bearded, not bearded, man, woman, child, pet, anyone.  We're looking for heroes of all shapes, sizes, feats, and stories.  Bring it brotato chip.

In general, like all the customers in our happy family of people, hero nominees can't be jerks, dicks, ass#$%, ^@%%#$$#, or &%^%#.  Let's keep this clean folks.  Specific terms for this contest specify that we will be able to use any and all information and/or media for business purposes and the needs of this contest.  Agreement of consent will be confirmed upon submitting your nomination.  This consent applies to you and your information only.  If the nominee does not agree to participate in this competition for any reason, the win may either be forfeited to either the next winner up, or, in terms of the yearly contest, the nominal value of the prize winnings may be donated to a charitable cause of our choosing in your name.  Either way, the information and media provided will be published positively, but with consent, so make sure that you aren't being a jerk about all this.  Nominating someone against their wishes will result in disqualification of your bid.  

Be sure to see the general contest rules in our customer service/privacy policy terms, submit your nominee below, and make sure to include your nominee's name and contact information in the story/essay (preferably at the bottom so it's easy to find).

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